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July 4, 2019



More humans of TMRW! This week we managed to pry Rotaready and their co-founders Jamie and Carl over to their favourite spot in the whole coworking space for a brief interview and a photoshoot!

1. In a nutshell, what is Rotaready?

"Rotaready takes the guesswork out of staff scheduling. Pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and shops on the high street use Rotaready to build their rotas to meet expected demand, monitor their labour costs, collect accurate attendance records for payroll and remove the paper trail from loads of other processes. ⁣⁣⁣⁣Carl and I have been working on Rotaready for ten years now - the idea was born from a summer job and grew steadily from there. We moved into TMRW about 2.5 years ago after stints in a spare bedroom in Carl's parents house and in Regus by East Croydon station. Our awesome team is now 17-strong, so yeah, it was getting a bit cosy before knocking through to next door! You might recognise some of our best-known customers: BrewDog, Warner Leisure Hotels, Pandora, O2, and Picsolve (who run the ride photography units at major theme parks and attraction sites across the world, including Chessington World of Adventures where I used to work!)⁣⁣"

2. You've already moved into a second office within TMRW (and smashed down the adjoining wall!) What are three more things Rotaready is hoping to achieve this year?

"In no particular order...1) We'll soon be releasing our new brand and website which we're all very excited about;2) Continue to innovate our 'demand forecasting' so our customers can enjoy more and more accurate predictions;3) Keep our customers delighted.⁣⁣

"3. What is your favourite thing about TMRW?

"All the friendly faces! And the ping pong tables...⁣⁣"

4. Favourite Byte food/drink?

"Easy. Chicken sarnie with the jalapeño crisps, served with a side of life advice and a smile from Tony⁣⁣"

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December 11, 2019


Humans of TMRW