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June 20, 2019



Next up in the member spotlight is AOS, a fast-growing startup who were kind enough to answer our quick questions, and have a group photoshoot!!

1. In a nutshell⁣, what is AOS and what are your different roles/hats within the company?

AOS specialises in Signal Processing and the development of algorithms to make sense of these signals. Confused? ECG, MRi, X-Ray, radio, audio for example all generate digital signals and our speciality is being able to pick out the relevant information that our clients want to see, or remove unwanted digital information to create a clearer image. Anterior, our first commercial product, provides Opticians and Ophthalmologists with a standardised digital imaging system for grading conditions and pathologies on the eye.⁣

We’ve expanded our portfolio and are now exploring opportunities within the Biometrics, Fintech and Defence sectors whilst continuing to develop new medical devices and also licensing our technology to other medical device providers. ⁣
We’re made up of a PhD algorithm brain, a commercially driven motormouth and an expert cat herder. From team of 3 we’ve grown to team of 20, and now have offices in Florida, USA and a sales and BD team spanning the EU and USA. We will soon be known as Sparca and also love investing in new, complimentary technology. ⁣ ⁣

2. Tell us three things you're hoping to achieve this year within the company

"1. Begin our student support program – our aim to provide all UK Opthalmology students with our software⁣

2. Achieve product launch in the USA⁣

3. If we told, we’d have to kill you"

3. What is your favourite thing about TMRW?

"Table tennis / great place to meet other like-minded companies / makes us feel younger / is run by top people!"

4. Favourite Byte food/drink?

"Peanut butter smoothie for breakfast followed by killer bacon sarnie on sourdough"

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December 11, 2019


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